How to take screen shot of youtube video in one click


How to take screenshot of from any youtube video in high resolution without youtube frame and menus. This will be useful for documentation and preparing presentations from few images from youtube video.  


You need to install a chrome extension " Screenshot-YouTube". This is a open source chrome free extension. Which allow you to add a screen shot button to youtube.  

To get this extension click on the below direct link

Alternatively you can go to chrome web store

Search for "Screenshot Youtube"

Click on the Extension -- "Screenshot YouTube Offered by: Zdeněk Gromnica | FutureMillennium"

Now you will be presented with a "Add to Chrome" button, Click on it.

Now you will be get a pop up screen to confirm the extension installation, Click on Add Extension Button. 

All done, Once extension is successfully installed you will get a chrome notification like this. 

Open youtube on Chrome and play any videos, You will be able to see a screen shot button at the bottom of youtube ( Bottom ribbon menu). 
Each click creates a screenshot under download folder of your computer. 

All screenshots are create as a PNG file with youtube video title as a file name. Which helps quickly search for the files in the future. 

Source code :

Source code can be downloaded from the authors GitHub portal.

Credit : Zdeněk Gromnica aka FutureMillennium.


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