How to create DNS conditional forwarder ( Windows Server)


Conditional forwarders are used to redirect DNS quires or lookup DNS record from another DNS server for specific domain.

Steps to create DNS forwarders in windows DNS setup:

Step 1: 

Launch DNS management >> Connect to your DNS server.

From the left pane right click on the conditional forwarders >> New Conditional forwarders..

Step 2: 

On the New conditional Forwarder wizard > " DNS Domain " -- enter the name of domain you want to forward. 
Enter the IP (s) of  the DNS servers (s) to query for DNS records. Make sure validated is OK. If not check for any firewall blocking. Port UDP 53 should be allowed firewalls. 

Step 3:

Select "Store the conditional forwarder in Active Directory, and replicate it as follows:" and your preferred replication option from the drop down.  If you don't want to store in AD, forwarder will be created only on the local DNS server.  Any lookups to other DNS server in your setup might fail or return wrong values for specific domain. 

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