How to create conditional forwarder for a sub domain ( DNS delegation )

Scope ( Problem ): 
We have a DNS server hosting zone for the root domain ( e.g rdcc.local) and you want to forward DNS lookups for the sub domain (e,g lab.rdcc.local) to a different DNS server. To achieve this you need to create a conditional forwarder. 

But you might receive " A problem occurred while trying to add the conditional forwarder.  A Zone configuration problem occurred".

Solution : 

To overcome this issue, You have to create delegation for the sub domain to create a NS records for sub domain. Then you will be able to create conditional forwarder for the sub domain.

Error : 

Steps to create DNS delegation and sub domain conditional forwarder:

Step 1: 

Launch DNS management console >> Right click on the zone ( e.g rdcc.loca) >> Click on new delegation .

Step 2: 

Click Next on the delegation wizard >> Enter the sub domain ( e.g lab.rdcc.local)  and click next. 

Step 3:

Click Add and enter the name of DNS server and click resolve or directly enter the the IP address. 
This will be the same DNS server Name or IP address where you root domain ( e.g rdcc.local is hosted). 

Click ok and repeat this step to add additional DNS servers. 

Step 4:
Click Next and Finish to complete delegation wizard. 

Now you should be able to see a sub domain ( folder) created under root zone. If you click on the sub domain should be able to Name Server ( NS) records created for that sub domain. 

Step 5: 
Now we can proceed with conditional forwarder creation. 

Right click on Conditional forwarder > New Conditional Forwarder 

Enter the sub domain name in "DNS Domain" field and add the IP address of DNS server you want use for this domain. Make sure you select the store this conditional forwarder in Active directory, and replicate it as follow:.
Step 6: 

Click OK to finish wizard. All done . 

we have successfully created DNS delegation and created Conditional forwarder for sub domain. 

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