Enable Copy/Paste between VMRC client to Virtual Machine

VMware tools isolation feature stops copy/past of contents from client machine to Virtual Machine via VMRC ( VMware Remote Console). 
We can overwrite this feature in enabling additional parameters in VM advanced configuration. 
Note: This is configuration is not recommended for production systems. But this will useful in LAB setup. 

Steps to enable Copy/Paste ( Clipboard or file contents only).

Step 1:  

Power off the VM. 

Step 2: 

Right click on the VM > Edit settings

Step 3: 
Click on VM Options >>  Advanced.

Step 4: 

Click on Edit Configuration. 

Step 5: 

Click on Add Parameter 

Step 6: 

Click on  "Click to edit key" and "Click to edit value" and add below 3 entries. 

Name:                                 Value:
isolation.tools.copy.disable          FALSE
isolation.tools.paste.disable         FALSE
isolation.tools.setGUIOptions.enable  TRUE

Step 7: 

Click Save option and power on the Virtual machine. 

You should be now able to copy and paste text from your desktop to Guest operating system. 

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