How to download Windows 11 ( Preview Build) iso ( Free download)


How to download Windows 11 preview build 10.0.22000.65 (co_release) ISO file using UUP Dump

To download the Windows 11 ISO file of Insider Preview build (Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.65 (co_release)), use these steps

Step 1.

 Open UUP Dump official page in web browser.

Step 2: 

Click on the Downloads tab.

Step 3: 

Select the Windows 11 Insider Preview build to download as an ISO

Step 4: 

Use the drop-down menu to select the installation language.
Click the Next button.

Step 5: 

Select the editions you want to include in the Windows 11 ISO file and Click Next. 

Note: Adding more Editions might take couple of hours during ISO build process. So my suggestion would be select only one edition

Step 6:

Under the “Conversion options” section, clear all the options. Or select the ones you need. Each option adds additional ISO creation time. 

Click the "Create download package" button to save the UUP tool on your computer

Step 7: 

Extract the downloaded ZIP file using your favourite unzip tool. 

Step 8: 
Right click on "uup_download_windows.cmd" and run as administrator. Click more info on windows protect screen and click Run Anyway.

Step 9 : 

Now the batch file will automatically download all necessary files and builds an ISO. 

Step 10:
Once the build process has been completed,  Press the 0 key when prompted to close the screen.

Now the Windows 11 ISO file will be created inside the folder where you extracted the UUP Dump tool.

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