Windows Server (2016/2019) is a stripped down version of server operating system. Since its a stripped down version, There is no graphical interface for this servers. So installing any software on this servers might be bit tricky. 

Windows server core in ESXi/Vsphere virtual machine with VMware tools. But its recommended to have up-to date VMware tools installed to utilise advanced features. 

Let see how to install tools without graphical window. 

I have a Windows server 2019 core VM, No VMware tools installed. 

1. Login to ESXi or Vcenter web console, Mount Vmware tools CD ISO image by selecting Gues OS > Install VMware Tools. 

2. Launch VM console or access Server using RDP.  Run DISKPART command in command prompt. 
Execute " List Vol" Command in DISKPART prompt to identify VMware tools CD driver letter. 
In my case its Volume 0 and Drive "D". 

3. Exit from DISKPART and change directory to E drive. 

4. Run Setup.exe from command prompt.  

5. This will start " VMware Product Installation" graphic window. 

Note : Sometimes setup window might be hidden behind command prompt window. In that case minimise command prompt windows, Now you should be able to see setup window.