YAFFS Image Reader

YAFFS (Definition from yaffs.net)

Yaffs (Yet Another Flash File System) is an open-source file system specifically designed to be fast, robust and suitable for embedded use with NAND and NOR Flash.  It is widely used with Linux, RTOSs, or no OS at all, in consumer devices. It is available under GNU Public License, GPL, or on commercial terms from Aleph One.

Yaffs2 is the widely used file system in android devices.To Mount or Read( Extract) a file from Yaffs image(Nandroid backup image) on android based devices we can use Nanadroid browser free apllication.

Nandroid Browser:

Nandroid browser free application available in android market.Extract and use single files from your nandroid backups.
  •  Save files anywhere
  •  Send files
  •  Open Files
  •  Browse your nandroid backups

Currently supports nandroid backups stored as yaffs2 images (.img) as wells as ext4 images (.ext4.tar).

Download link:



Yaffey is a GUI utility for reading, editing and creating YAFFS2 images in Windows.

Download Link

  • Create new YAFFS2 image
  • Open existing image
  • Export files/directories from image
  • Import files and directories into image (permissions inherited from parent directory, dates created/modified/accessed set to current date & time)
  • Delete files
  • Edit filenames
  • Edit permissions
  • Edit user and group ids
  • Edit symbolic link aliases
  • ECC (Error Checking & Correction) support

  • Only handles YAFFS2 images with page size of 2112 (2048 chunk + 64 spare)
  • Only edit 1 file at a time (no bulk changing permissions)
  • Can't save changes to opened image, only save as...
  • Can't create directories (but can import directories!)
  • Can't create symbolic links
  • Can't export symbolic links
  • No support for hard links
  • No support for special files (device files, etc)
  • No option to disable ECC (always on)
  • UI synchronous with file operations so UI freezes when reading/writing

This utility is a open source google project developed by David.Source code is available at 

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